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Welcome to Vortal City Network

Some suggestions about things to do, to see and to eat during your holiday in Bruxelles.

To taste the waffle:

That’s an experience particularly recommended to the greedy ones, because the waffle is an authentic delight. The typical cake of Bruxelles has a grid shape and it has to be eaten hot, even with whipped cream or hot chocolate. It can be found everywhere in the city, both in the little kiosks on the streets and in the best confectioner’s shops.

To go up to the Atomium:

As the symbol of the city – together with the older Manneken Pis – the Atomium reaches a height of 102 metres and it is surely the biggest “particle” of the world.
The spectacular group of spheres represents an iron atom enlarged over 160 thousand millions times and it was built for the International Exposition of 1958.
Everybody can enjoy the whole city in a new perspective from the highest among the nine spheres of the Atomium, that can be reach by a fast lift.
To enjoy “Brussels in green”:

Those who are fond of nature would be glad to know that the belgian capital is the second city in the world for its open spaces. After a visit to the city’s monuments it is possible to enjoy the calm and fresh air of the numerous parks of the city centre, like the “ Parc du Cinquantenaire” which was built to celebrate the fifty years of the Kingdom. It opens with a big arch and it includes important museums. In the city there are also “Parc Leopolde”, where the European Parliament overlooks, and “Parc de Bruxelles” where the Royal Palace is.

To admire the “Royal Brussels”:

Among the 19 communes which constitute the region of Bruxelles, Laeken is without doubt the one with more blue blood. Since 1830 the sovereigns of Belgium live here, in a residence which includes a large park, where it is possible to admire the fascinating Royal Greenhouses.
As custodians of the numerous varieties of plants and flowers, the valuable iron and glass structures of the end of XIX Century can be visited only few days a year, during the spring period. In Laeken there is also the “Brupark”, an open space with swimming-pools, cinema and – to children’s joy – a “Mini Europe”.

To discover the most famous citizens:

There are a lot of famous personages – painters, poets and every kind of artists – who were born in Bruxelles and chose it as the place where expressing themself or going into exile. We remind two among them all: the first one is René Magritte, master of the Surrealism and one of the most important artist of the european twentieth-century. Bruxelles offers the possibility to see the belgian artist’s “museum house”, attended by the Foundation having the same name, where there are objects and materials belonged to the artist who lived in the city over 20 years.
The second one is the famous singer Jacques Brel. He is one of the most beautiful voice of the last century and Bruxelles has entirely dedicated the whole 2003 to him, with concerts, exhibitions and shows.

To enjoy between parades and music:

As a lively and cosmopolitan city, Bruxelles offers to its inhabitants and tourists a season rich in every kind of events. The “Jazz Marathon” (last weekend of May) draws in the city those who are fond of music. In this period the belgian capital is invaded by a “pacific army” of musicians and keens on that kind of music. For those who love the historical recallings and folk traditions the Ommegang, a suggestive medieval costume cortege, reproduces the procession dedicated to Charles V and his guests in 1549.

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